Portland's very own Node.js user group

PDXNode at NodeBots Day

Promoting knowledge and use of Node.js in the Portland tech community.

JavaScript is quickly becoming the language that drives your website, your server and your database. It can also run your operating system, your robot and the new EPIC game engine.

In this group we focus on the server side - Node.js. Thanks to v8 and event-based design, it is a fast back-end for mobile and web applications. It needs less CPU & RAM - speeding up your development and saving you server costs.

Our group is open and geared to engage all levels of programmer. _We seek to build a community of developers who enjoy each other's company while being excited about developing JavaScript. _ Whether you're wondering why in the world you would want to put JavaScript on a server or want to discuss the different implementations of the promises/A+ standard and the eternal struggle with callbacks, we're here to help!

We've hosted PDX International NodeBots day, Hacker Train, and host a monthly presentation night and Code & Learn night as well. Look forward to workshops and many great talks to come!

We support our Code of Conduct and welcome input to improve upon it via issues submission and pull requests--long story short: "Don't be a jerk."

We use GitHub to submit talks, lightning and otherwise. Please see the lightning talk and longform talk templates for more details.

See the request for talks to submit what you'd love to experience at our meetup.

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